Healing Music Bundle


What I’ve found over the years of offering healing is that a shift in mood and/or mindset is sometimes ALL you need to prevent yourself from going down a negative spiral. And that’s where music can be such a simple yet powerful tool on your journey.

My two albums “In My Room” and “Vibration Project” were crafted and recorded in ancient healing frequencies to help you de-stress and uplift your mood.🎶

Choosing music that is positive for your mind and consciousness can create both subtle and powerfully positive effects in your life.

I hope my music can add to your collection of songs that can soothe and uplift you when you need a little reminder that all is well… you got this!😘


> “Just wanted to let you know my kids were feeling stressed and were pretty argumentative after school yesterday and I put your cd in. They were so calm after they started to listen and were really jiving with your music - as was I. I asked them how they felt and they said they felt so good and were feeling happy! So thank you thank you! I will keep your cd on quick draw in the front seat!” - Erika Payson

> “The minute the first note hit my ears my entire body was just convulsing with chills. It was like an energetic cleansing and reorientation. Wave after wave of full body tingling. Thank you so much!” - Karen C.

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