In My Room

After doing some research on special tunings that can make my songs even more healing, I decided to record my album In My Room in 432Hz, which is said to be more aligned with nature and therefore have a harmonious effect on the heart and the brain. So many people told me they found my music soothing, that I conducted my own study to see if we could collect enough data to support the feedback my listeners were sharing.

In a field study, over 200 people listened to just 1-3 of my songs, and it reduced the stress level in 75% of them, and even reduced physical pain in over 55% of them - all this in just a few minutes!

While there is a lot of healing music out there, I wanted to create something that resonated with people who enjoy upbeat pop-inspired music too, not just classical or ambient music (the typical categories of “healing” music). As LA Yoga Magazine says, “It’s not your typical meditation or kirtan album. In My Room has flavors of Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Earth, Wind and Fire, and the Carpenters. It is catchy and deep all at once.”

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