Vibration Project

Our modern society has largely forgotten about how important musical frequencies are to our wellbeing.. The songs on the Vibration Project have been musically and lyrically crafted to help awaken the wisdom and love that lives in all of us. You can listen to this music as would any other music, in the car, at a backyard party, or while jogging in the park, and enjoy it as you would any other piece of music. But you can also use it more intentionally, as a tool to increase your serenity, align your mind and body, relax and rejuvenate, and to develop your connection to self and spirit.

We may have forgotten the truth of our being, or become distracted by the day to day events of our modern lives, but with a little bit of intention, focus and the support of these fundamental frequencies we can easily tune in anywhere and anytime we need to.


> “Inspirational. Atkins’ music brings me clear-eyed hopefulness. An instant classic.” Rick E.

> “It re-awakened my belief in the healing power of music.” Michelle W.

> “Karen’s Vibration Project = The Beatles’ songwriting meets Karen Carpenter’s vocals meets Cyndi Lauper’s fun energy. Listening to it just makes me feel so good! ” Dr. Andrew C.

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