I’m Karen.

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, creator of MBiQ, next gen 'people energizer', speaker and writer. I'm dedicated to helping you create everything you want.






"Without the energy to make them happen, dreams remain dreams."

I’ve practiced and mastered over 40 ancient and modern methods of creating and harnessing energy. Everything you want in life depends entirely and solely on energy, specifically on how much energy you have.





⏰ 11 Minutes a Day. ⏰

That's all it's going to take to drastically increase your energy, your creativity, your ability to flow and work towards your life's purpose.

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Learn How To Get Energy Now

The 3 Secrets to Ultra-boosting your energy so that you can create everything you want in your life.

In this amazing (and free) audio series you’ll learn the 3 steps you need to be abundantly wealthy in energy so that you can be abundantly wealthy in life.

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Fuel That Body!!

With CHi TV 

With over 80 episodes, “CHi TV” will give you a practical, real world, time tested method to not only restore but build your energy to greater levels than you’ve ever had before.

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Nothing lights me up more than sharing with people

Good Morning America calls me a “health guru” (which is what finally got my father to listen to my health advice), but…

Where my own journey began was in the music business in the 90’s, I had a record deal and was doing what I loved, unfortunately, with the crazy demands of time and energy, like so many others, I was unable to keep up with the rigorous schedule of being a professional in the modern world.

My life became about trying to get back to the energy of my youth when things were ‘easy’. The techniques I found and developed have changed my life and now I want to give them to you to help you become a true badass!

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Paul Simon “2 thumbs up”


Harmony & Healing


As a singer-songwriter I’ve always found music to be healing. Learning about how different frequencies affect health, I teamed up with other conscious minded musicians to create music based on 432 Hz. Music made with these frequencies has a positive measured effect on stress, pain and mood.

Check out the study we conducted on our “Frequency Tour”


Your Vibrant Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Considering having a baby? Know someone who is?

You’ll LOVE this series of amazing interviews with some of the most respected and pioneering experts in the fields of fertility and pregnancy.

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