Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon my Ted Talk on energy-building, heard a story about me through one of my students, listened to one of my songs on Spotify, or saw my interview on Good Morning America. Whatever doorway you took, I’m glad you entered.

This site is full of incredible strategies and practical tools that can help you unstick whatever is stagnant in your life and help you cultivate more energy so you can spend lots more time doing the things that light you up! (really!)



Curious to Know More?

I’m a singer-songwriter, speaker, author and healer, dedicated to helping you build your life force and find out how much more alive you can feel.

In a nutshell: I’m Brooklyn-born New Yorker turned Northern California girl and am currently involved in a passionate love affair with Mt Tamalpais in Marin County.

I’m unapologetically depth-oriented and spend my days practicing tai chi and qigong, writing and recording music, producing vitality lifestyle videos, creating educational alternative health programs, and taking walks in the foothills of Mt “Tam” as often as I can. I love 70s music, organic gardening and all kinds of health gadgets.

I wasn’t always the picture of health.

In fact, In my early 20s, I felt so awful I couldn’t imagine ever being healthy and happy again. But I wanted it badly enough that I kept trying.

After 20 years and 40+ healing modalities, I figured it out and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you.

Need More Energy?

Our Vital Qi TV series (over 80 episodes and counting) will leave you happier, healthier energized and even a little younger (yes, I said younger -most of the practices and tips are anti-aging and they’re all soul-soothing and smile-inducing :)


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