Hi! I’m Karen.

Singer-songwriter, speaker, author and health educator, dedicated to helping you build your life force and find out how much more alive you can feel.

A Brooklyn-born truth-seeker who felt at an early age that not everything we’re told about the world made sense, I focused my passion on turning my youthful discontent into creating a life that does.


I’M THRILLED to have created an alternative health and music platform that has reached well over ONE MILLION PEOPLE.


Through our Vital Qi TV and Music channels serving students, clients, music fans and subscribers in over 70 countries, our team has helped people like you activate untapped energy and shine more in the world.

Karen Atkins

The most common question I get asked is “ why vitality and music?”

I’ve always known that I wanted to leave the world better than I found it.

I’ve always loved people. I could see the greatness in them even when they couldn’t and I found great satisfaction in helping them find and share their gifts.

Starting as early as 2 years old, I also had a profound love for music. I followed this passion into my early 20s when I found myself buckling from the pressure of the demands of a successful music career. I was struggling with numerous health challenges, anxiety and depression…


… this spiritual crossroads literally brought me to my knees & forced me to make the decision to uncover the hidden causes of my pain.

That was when I embarked on my healing journey, exploring and training in over 40 healing systems.

I realized that I had been missing 3 KEY elements to being vibrant, happy and healthy. I learned that the body can heal from anything provided:

  1. It’s talking to itself ✔︎

  2. We have enough vitality ✔︎

  3. We give it the right kind of vibrational support ✔︎

Karen Atkins Ted Talk

In my Ted Talk, I shared this undeniable fact that no matter what you want to bring into your life . . .

. . . love, friendship, abundance, success, money, happiness, health - you need this one missing piece - ENERGY.

Once I realized this and started building my energy, everything changed; I not only brought these things in, but I sustained them.

The vitality that I cultivated stirred up my creative fire and brought me right back to my first and deepest love, MUSIC!

It became clear to me that music was my most potent and far-reaching healing tool and it was time to start treating it that way. After spending 20 years as a health educator, I figured out a way of combining these healing systems with music to create true freedom. Please take a LISTEN.


And that’s why I’m here to share with you.

The greatest thing about having so much abundance is that you have extra to give.

I’m here to help you create a foundation for success based on energy, love and a commitment to the goodness in every human being.

Through my free videos, music, paid programs and anything else I share, I am here to be of service to you to help you build and sustain your vitality, so you can get on with doing the things that light you up!