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Add sign up Thank You Page

When they put name and email in, they go to thank you page. Get song, video and download on that thank you page. It is in click funnels. K will find out if we need to do ClickFunnels. (Not for this page for now.)

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Hover text Gold site wide

Try actual logo gold instead of "gold". Set but it makes the site a little more confusing to my eye, since the H3 is using that color for non-links. - Xeno

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Home Page - Passion Section - Too much Space

The template does not allow one page to be shorter than all the others, (Fix: actually it does, you can fix page width for only those pages with background images.) but K doesn't like all the space above and below the quote.

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Add Gradient to block as background

Design decision was made to eliminate this gradient. --- Old text: On home page, Passion section, there is a quote with a background color. Don't see a way to set a gradient on an entire background block on squarespace as the id for the container changes each time you edit the page. Added gradient image but Squarespace uses it as a color picker. Cool feature, but not what we want.

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Slide Show - Fix Images

Slide show photos not colorized on learn-more-1. Re-upload for slide show to the right of "Curious to know more" section on Learn More Index.

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