Active Campagin

Stop people from signing up from one automation in ActiveCampaign if they are signed up for another.

Xeno Xeno
Add sign up Thank You Page

When they put name and email in, they go to thank you page. Get song, video and download on that thank you page. It is in click funnels. K will find out if we need to do ClickFunnels. (Not for this page for now.)

DoneXeno XenoKaren, Xeno
Hover text Gold site wide

Try actual logo gold instead of "gold". Set but it makes the site a little more confusing to my eye, since the H3 is using that color for non-links. - Xeno

DoneXeno XenoXeno
Add Pop Up

When you click the download now button (what you should do next to get more energy) you get a pop-up to fill in name and email, same as footer opt-in and download now on home page. All the same Active Campgaing that K will set up.

ToDoXeno XenoXeno, Karen