“*With the support I received from Karen and the Vibrant Pregnancy experts, I was able to release my fears and instead feel empowered…and for that I am forever grateful.*”  -Shylee H.

“With the support I received from Karen and the Vibrant Pregnancy experts, I was able to release my fears and feel empowered, for that I am forever grateful.”

-Shylee H.

Your Vibrant Pregnancy and Beyond

You can have a healthy, less painful and easeful pregnancy and birth and continue to thrive long after baby arrives. Let us show you how.

Hi! I'm Karen Atkins. I help women get pregnant and have the BEST birth possible.

Not only do I give you the emotional support you need to relieve your fears, I also provide the added benefits of nutritional advice, quality resources and all the hard to find details to make informed choices from sources you can TRUST.


Fact: Pregnancy can tap into our own energy resources.

If you want to learn how to keep your cup full for both you and baby, this is just the series for you.

Fact: Finding the right relevant information that’s credible and helpful, when you need it, can be overwhelming when you’re pregnant.

If you want the lowdown from leading experts that you can trust all in one nurturing place, then you’ve found it here.

Fact: Our well being during pregnancy impacts baby’s well being.

If you’re ready to discover time tested methods to give your baby the very best start, that you won’t find on google, I want to share them with you.

Fact: Cortisol levels from stress in your body will dramatically reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

If you’ve tried everything you can think of and still no bun in the oven, you may just find the missing link here.


“Your Vibrant Pregnancy” audio series makes it easy for you to learn from some of the most respected and pioneering experts in the fields of fertility, pregnancy and birth.

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The Vibrant Pregnancy Process

Module 1: Preconception

  • The best foods for fertility
  • Birth control and fertility
  • Preparing to conceive
  • Modern Life and fertility
  • Aligning your energies for conception
  • Mindset for having a baby

Module 2: Pregnancy

  • Understanding the tests
  • Getting comfortable
  • Connecting with baby
  • Dealing with due dates
  • What to eat
  • How to get the right support
  • Preparing for a homebirth
  • Body Image and pregnancy
  • Protection for baby
  • Safe use of natural remedies
  • Normal moods vs disorders
  • Medication and pregnancy

Module 3: Labor and delivery

  • Managing pain
  • Dealing with fears
  • Making choices
  • Risks and benefits of an epidural
  • Preparing for birth
  • Signs of labor
  • Using music to support labor
  • Natural birth after c-section
  • Eating and drinking during labor
  • Comfort in early and active labor
  • Dealing with high risk

Module 4: Postpartum

  • Postpartum recuperation
  • Ideal vs reality
  • Preventing PPD
  • Keeping the love alive with your partner
  • The 4th Trimester
  • Baby’s first moments
  • Bonding with baby
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum help
  • Postpartum nourishment
  • Working with your partner postpartum

Module 5: Beyond Pregnancy: Vibrant Energy After Childbirth

  • Maintain your body and your health
  • Keeping the love alive with your partner
  • Manage your time and energy

Happy Clients and Students

"I will never ever forget all you did for our family to support the pregnancy and our daughter’s birth. You were a miracle to have with us." -Bruce G.
"The wisdom and support I gained from Your Vibrant Pregnancy was truly invaluable and I know in my heart that it is a huge part of why I experienced what was my ideal pregnancy, labor, and birth. It was like all these strong women I had learned from were there with me as I entered into my birthing process. Their voices and their words were with me. And because I had prepped my body so well and allowed labor to progress so naturally, without stress, and rushing, and trauma, all as I had been encouraged to do, my body was able to move through labor without any tearing. My water never even broke. It was that gentle." -Shylee H.
“Every moment when i am somewhat awake and lucid i think of you and how eternally grateful i am to you for all that you did to assist our daughter’s arrival into this world. You are amazing.” -Kate D.
"Karen was with us throughout and was simply amazing. what a blessing!" -Happy D.
“We honestly can never thank you enough for all you did for us. You are simply amazing.” - B.G.