What happens when we don't allow ourselves to grieve?

How are you doing with releasing your emotions?

So far, we’ve looked at sadness, anger and grief - pretty major stuff to let go of! 😅

It’s not an easy task to release everything right away, but if you can do at least 1 of any of the exercises I’ve been giving you, it only takes a few minutes out of your day, and the rewards you’ll reap are going to be HUGE. I only share what I feel are low-investment, low-risk and high return techniques!! 💝

Now that you’ve seen the music video in honor of my late friend, let’s talk about how grief can manifest in our physical body.

One of my teachers told me about a guy who lost 6 of his family members in a period of a few months. He was always the strong one of the family, and he was dealing with the deaths stoically.

All of a sudden, he was in the hospital with water in his lungs, and he himself was on the verge of dying.

Since my teacher was an acupuncturist, he put a needle in the lung point that makes you cry. This man, who had held it all together until then, started crying and crying, until there were no more tears to shed. 😭 😭 😭

Miraculously, his lungs quickly healed up… when he allowed himself to cry, it saved his life. 🙏

The lungs, as well as the large intestines, are where we hold grief in our bodies.

Grieving for long periods of time without finding healthy ways to release can have negative effects on our lungs and colon, and conversely, if these organs are not healthy, that can make us more fragile when confronted with grief.

Constipation or diarrhea can happen when someone is going through a grieving period, too, because the large intestines are either unable to let go, or "crying" excessively.

So many clients came to me with respiratory issues - from asthma to pneumonia to tobacco addiction - and the majority of them had some kind of underlying grief, whether it was suppressed childhood trauma, a recent break up or loss of a loved one.

Here’s a movement that helps to support the lungs, which will keep you in balance and less susceptible to the debilitating effects of grief, as well as help you let go of any past or present grief. 😃

Check out the Healing sound exercise here.