How do you keep going after losing someone you love?

There’s nothing like losing someone close to you. And the grief is intensified when it happens in a sudden way, like suicide, accidents, or a fast-spreading disease. But thankfully...

Music has provided comfort in times of darkness from the beginning of time. That's why clinically trained music therapists work to help others heal and find comfort.

A few years ago, my music therapist friend told me about bereavement groups that she held to help people who had recently lost their loved ones move through their grief. 🎸Little did we imagine that...

Our mutual friend would decide to take her own life just a year later.

Writing music was my personal form of music therapy after her passing and how I moved through the initial grieving period. In fact...

Her fiancé and I divinely connected through the grieving process and decided to produce some of my music together, which resulted in the full album release last year! 🎶

Many of the songs were inspired by my friend like "Tell Daniel," which is a song that I feel "came through" me when I sat at my piano 🎹, looking at her photo.

The song is in her voice, telling us from the afterlife that she is alright. She didn’t listen to "Daniel" before she died about how amazing and worthy she was… but now, she is free of all suffering.

So many of my friends and fans called or wrote to tell me that they cried watching this video, and that it made them feel so much lighter afterward.

If you have ever experienced any grief in your life, watch this and please give yourself the permission to feel or even cry.

In our next email, we’ll talk about which organs can become dis-eased if you hold in your tears.

Watch the "Tell Daniel" video here and please share it with someone else who may need it.