Do you feel like you belong?

I once had a teacher who said that whenever you feel sad, it’s just your spirit trying to tell you to reconnect, and the moment you do, you won’t be sad anymore. 💫💖 Well...

That idea perplexed me a bit. I sort of understood how sadness and disconnection could relate to each other, but I couldn’t understand how making a "connection" would somehow snap me out of my sadness. So...

I decided to test out his theory. Whenever I noticed I was feeling sad, I would do something to help me feel more connected - not necessarily to another person, but to myself.

Ultimately, this feeling of belonging, of "home," 🏡 has to come from within. Because the truth is we ARE connected with everything and everyone in this universe, even when we feel alone.

There is a mountain here where I live, Mt. Tam, that I look at everyday out my window. For me, looking at that mountain gives me that feeling of home and connection that I need for support. "You’re My Home" is a song inspired by my 'connection' experience with Mt. if the mountain told me to write it to share this feeling with others...with you. ❤️ 🎸

Here's the music video I made for the song! Enjoy!