Qi Gong for Vitality (with special guest Saki)


Learn simple warm ups and an incredibly fun Tai Chi movement from me as well as some foundational practices from the amazing Saki!

Why do I need Qi Gong for Vitality and how does it work as part of the Abundance Mastery program?

Just like a well-designed and comfortable home, you want your body to have a solid foundation, structure AND great energy flow! That's why I've recruited my dear friend and teacher, Saki who takes you to the next level with your Qi Gong practice. Formerly Mr. California and a bodybuilder, Saki started his Qi Gong journey when his body began to deteriorate from the amount of stress his workouts were putting on him. Now, after teaching Qi Gong for 50 years, Saki has grown to be a trusted mentor to many, and has a lighthearted and knowledgeable teaching style.


Qi Gong for Vitality includes:

  • Simple anti-aging warm-ups
  • A top-secret Tai Chi form the Immortals used for vitality
  • Six powerful vitality-enhancing exercises
  • More than 120 minutes of detailed instruction and practice sessions

Your Qi Gong practice will also help you manage your weigh by increasing your metabolism, improving your digestion and revitalizing yourself down to the cellular level!

By dedicating 15 minutes a day to these easy practices you’ll be able to maximize your vitality, balance your hormones, improve your sleep, reverse aging and much more.

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