In my early 20s I found myself buckling from the pressure of the demands of a successful music career. I was struggling with numerous health challenges, anxiety and depression. I felt so awful I couldn’t imagine ever being healthy and happy again. 

This spiritual crossroads literally brought me to my knees and that was when I embarked on a long journey to find the sources of my pain and began my healing.

20 years later and everyday I feel like I’m 16 again (minus the teenage angst!) I’m happy, healthy and have more sustainable energy than most people half my age.

On my path to my own health and happiness and finding my own purpose again, I have either studied or practiced over 40 different healing modalities. The vitality that I’ve cultivated and created in myself helped me revitalize my creative fires which brought me right back to my first and deepest love, MUSIC! 

I want to share this song that I wrote after coming through the other side of my healing journey and return to making music.

This journey has given me the chance to reinvent myself and connect with the love that I believe we all have inside of ourselves at our core. It has also inspired me to share that love with others and in the process of sharing receive even more of it back in return.

I hope you enjoy this song and that it helps you to connect with the deepest part of yourself where that source of that love resides.