I’m Karen Atkins.

Health educator, vitality coach, author, speaker and songwriter. I'm dedicated to helping you build your life force and find out how much more alive you can feel.




Dreams remain dreams without the vital energy to make them happen. I have mastery in over 40 ancient and modern methods of creating and harnessing your vitality.


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Energize Now

3 Secrets to Ultra-boosting your energy

In this free series, you’ll get a 3 -step protocol along with tried and tested methods to multiply your well-being, vitality and impact.

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Have *Fun* and Fuel Up

With My Vital Qi TV Series

With over 80 episodes, Vital Qi TV will inspire you with practical tips and solutions combined with healing frequencies for you to powerfully generate lasting vitality and fulfillment and create the lifestyle of your dreams.

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What Lights You up?

Nothing lights me up more than to share music with you!

Good Morning America calls me a “health guru” (which is what finally got my father to listen to my health advice), but…

I was more flattered when Paul Simon personally gave me the thumbs up on my cover of his song Slip Slidin’ Away… is my deepest passion. 😍

Reclaiming my vitality gave me the energy and resources I needed to return to playing music after 20 years of putting it on the back burner.

So, please give it a listen and let me know how it feels.

And here’s something kinda cool:

Music Frequency Experiment

Harmony & Healing

As a singer-songwriter & vitality lifestyle coach, I teamed up with other health-minded musicians to research which frequencies cultivate harmony and healing…and I put them into my music.

And then…we measured the results on stress, pain and mood.

Check out the study we conducted on our “Frequency Tour”


Your Vibrant Pregnancy

Are you pregnant, considering having a baby or know someone who is?

You’ll LOVE this series of interviews with some of the most respected and pioneering experts in the fields of fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

You won’t be able to get this information anywhere else and it is so valuable!

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