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With an extra focus on the use of essential oils for troubleshooting any health concerns you might have, Essential Energy will further boost your practice and keep your daily vitality habit even more fun!

Increasing your energy from these efficient and easy exercises is worth more than gold (at least more than the monthly gym membership you may have already spent hundreds on!) ...your investment will return to you a thousandfold for years to come!

Fitness experts will tell you that with a good variety in your exercise routine, you can avoid hitting a fitness plateau and increase your ability to stay committed to the program.

Plus it gets all the different muscles, body parts and energy meridians working by moving them in the most efficient ways.

Includes a 60 minute workshop

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You will have lifetime access to Essential Energy, the perfect companion to Beyond Yoga because it includes extra detailed guidance on Beyond Yoga that is not available anywhere else online, as well as tips on how to use specific essential oils to enhance the benefits of Beyond Yoga.

Imagine if you could do one thing that would address all the challenges in your life: money, time, energy, communication and health...

Well, we have good news!

The one thing exists -- there is no other method or practice that so simply and directly affects all these areas -- and we're here to show you!

Join us to learn a simple, short daily routine using ancient, time-tested exercises which affect specific body systems and integrate essential oils to enchance their effects.


These exercises can radically improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and get you on track to cultivate:

  • More energy to do the things you really love
  • More discipline to get things done
  • More positive, creative Life Force in your body
  • More abundance - to enjoy!

They are guaranteed to help you:

  • Get out of "overwhelm mode" - with consistent, gentle practice
  • Flow through life's obstacles
  • Experience a fun, new, nurturing form of discipline
  • Become more effective at de-cluttering your life
  • Make better choices in time management that are aligned with your goals

Get ready to take control of your health and vitality with these simple and fun energy building exercises PLUS step-by-step guidance on the use of essential oils for stress, weight management, fatigue, focus and much more!

Includes over 120 minutes of personal instruction, usage guidance for 13 essential oils, 20 Qi Gong (Chi Gong, Qigong) movements and video practice sessions!

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