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Master Your Body iQ:

The Hidden Key to Living a Life that Lights You Up!


In my wellness keynote, I’ll share the vital elements to creating a foundation for success based on having enough energy, enough to do and achieve the things you want in life, enough energy to love… and experience the goodness in every human being.

You’ll learn the tools you need to:

  • Amplify your “Chi” 

  • Easily magnetize whatever you need in your life

  • Boost your intuition

  • Feel clear and focused about the next steps you have to take to make sh*t happen.


In my early 20s, I found myself buckling from the pressure of the demands of a successful music career. I was struggling with numerous health challenges, anxiety and depression.

I felt so awful I couldn’t imagine ever being healthy and happy again. 😫

This spiritual crossroads literally brought me to my knees and that was when I embarked on a long journey to find the sources of my pain and began my healing.

20 years later and everyday I feel like I’m 16 again (minus the teenage angst!). I’m happy, healthy and have more sustainable energy than most people half my age.

On my path to my own health and happiness and finding my own purpose again, I have either studied or practiced over 40 different healing modalities.

The vitality that I’ve cultivated and created in myself helped me revitalize my creative fires which brought me right back to my first and deepest love, MUSIC!



And after spending 20 year as a health educator, I figured out a way of combining these healing systems to create true freedom.

There are many different elements to a life of success, happiness and purpose, but there is one key element that we need for all of the others to work: ENERGY.


You and your team will come away from the Wellness Keynote with:

  • Increased performance

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased results

  • Increased profits

  • Increased collaboration

  • Improved culture

  • Improved self-motivation

  • Improved leadership


Karen Atkins

LMT, Advanced Certified BodyTalk and Chi Gong Instructor

Creator of Master Your Body iQ, Karen has helped thousands of busy students around the world bust stress, build vitality and realize their true purpose with simple strategies that anyone can use.

Karen has been featured on Ted Talks and Good Morning America and is also an award-winning musician, combining energy building tools with music for healing.

Since 1998, Karen has spoken in 15 different countries and 22 cities around the US on the topics of energy healing and personal development, and energy cultivation at conferences, corporate events, associations, schools, healing centers, private classes and workshops, retreats, fundraisers and libraries.


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The greatest thing about having so much abundance is that you have extra to give.
— Karen Atkins

What others are saying about Karen’s Keynotes


"I first met Karen Atkins at a workshop being held at my acting school. The email invitation went something like, Having a hard time connecting? Feeling anxious? Losing focus? check check check. When I came to her with neck tension that I thought I’d have to live with, she showed me how to feel great in 30 seconds. Karen quickly became my mentor in all things health and wellness. I felt more seen and heard by her than in my whole life as an actor. Karen’s knowledge is vast. I know a couple things about a couple things, but this woman knows a lot of things about a lot of things. And while you are learning from this treasure trove, your life is getting better and healthier by the day!"

- Jennie E., Actor, Pilates and Yoga Instructor



“I have been priviledged to hear Karen speak on many occasions.  Karen has a way of creating a great time for attendees in a wide variety of settings. Her light-hearted and profound way of reaching people and sharing life-changing strategies results in dramatic shifts for everyone in the audience.  There is never a boring moment when Karen is on stage!”

- Lorraine E.



“After hearing Karen speak, I felt an overwhelming acceptance and compassion and tolerance. Right now my body is so depleted from the antibiotics I cannot do much at all, but after I do a half hour or even less (because of kids) of what she taught, I am so much more tolerant and easy going with things that normally send me over the edge. I would highly recommend Karen… the immediate results or “feelings of energy” are so strong that the message of love clearly is evident. All my love and best wishes.”

- Jen C.



“Because of what I learned from Karen, I'm really starting to open up emotionally toward other people now, it's fantastic! On my dad's birthday on the 23rd I gave him a huge hug and I told him I love him, which I haven't done for literally years, and it wasn't hard at all! I really want to hug everyone, and it feels like someone else almost takes over my body. :) But when I think about it, I actually feel like I'm more in my heart than in my mind... It's wonderful!!!!!”

- Emma B.



"Karen's essence is so fully and beautifully expressed in all that she does: singing, playing the guitar, songwriting, photographing, gardening, cooking, teaching and just being...with herself, her friends and family. I'm so blessed to be connected with such a force of inspiration!"

- Shelley C., Singer, Dog Trainer, Co-Active Coach



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