Beyond Yoga: Gentle Movement for More Energy


This amazing 8-minute exercise will build your immune system, relieve stress and energize your body.

Have you ever said to yourself:

“I’m going to the gym three days a week!” or “I’m going to do yoga for an hour every morning!”

… and then never actually do it?

Welcome to living a modern human life.

As a busy business owner myself, I know it’s hard to prioritize your health and put time towards your “daily” routines each day.

Beyond Yoga: Gentle Movement for More Energy is a simple and vital part of the Abundance Mastery program, and works in conjunction with Essential Energy and Qi Gong for Vitality.

Why Qi Gong? This 4,000+ year old Chinese practice is still alive today for a reason. Known in the martial arts world as the exercise series that builds your immune system to the point of "never getting sick again," Beyond Yoga might just be the missing piece of the puzzle you've been searching for.

Beyond Yoga will help you harness your energy to heal your body, reduce anxious feelings and repel negativity.

And the best's only 8 minutes!


In today’s chronically stressed-out world, increasing your energy from these efficient and easy exercises is worth more than gold (and definitely more than the monthly gym membership you may have already spent hundreds on!) Plus, any fitness expert will tell you that varying your exercise routine will help you avoid plateau and stay engaged and committed to your goals.

Beyond Yoga activates different muscles, body parts and energy meridians by moving these points in the most efficient ways.

By committing to just 8 minutes a day, you can start building a consistent practice that will help relieve stress, restore libido, lengthen and strengthen muscles, and boost your immune system.

Can you invest 8 minutes a day in your health? I think you can. Let's do this together. Start your 8-minute practice today! >>>

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