Beyond Yoga: Gentle Movement for More Energy - $10 Off!

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Known in the martial arts world as the exercise series that builds your immune system to the point where you "never get sick again," Beyond Yoga might just be the missing key you've been searching for!

And the best only takes 8 minutes!

Increasing your energy from these efficient and easy exercises is worth more than gold (at least more than the monthly gym membership you may have already spent hundreds on!)... your investment will return to you a thousandfold for years to come!

Fitness experts will tell you that with a good variety in your exercise routine, you can avoid hitting a fitness plateau and increase your ability to stay committed to the program.

Plus it gets all the different muscles, body parts and energy meridians working by moving them in the most efficient ways.

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BONUS: Private 60 minute workshop

You’ll have lifetime access to these programs and as a special bonus, you’ll also get a never-before released private workshop with extra guidance on a special series of Qi Gong (Chi Gong, Qigong) movements that is not available anywhere else online, as well as tips on how to use specific essential oils to enhance the benefits of these movements.

Includes step-by-step instruction with front, back and side visuals to make it SUPER EASY to follow along PLUS an uninterrupted guided practice session.

Beyond Yoga will help you harness your energy to heal your body, reduce anxious feelings and repel negativity.

By committing to just 8 minutes a day, you can start building a consistent practice which will help relieve stress, restore libido, lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the body, and boost your immune system.

Can you invest 8 minutes a day in your health?

Yes! I think you can.

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