Abundance Mastery with Qi Gong: Build your vital life force for lasting prosperity

If you could do one thing that would address all challenges in life: from money to time, energy, communication or health... would you do it?

Of course you would, and we’re here to tell you what it is (and it might not be what you expect).

Join us to learn some simple, short daily routines based on ancient, time-tested exercises that build your energy to the point where you not only "never get sick again" but you become a true "magnetizer" of your desires.


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Why should you get all three Qi Gong classes together? Think of it like building a house:

  • Beyond Yoga is the foundation
  • Essential Energy is the framework
  • Qi Gong for Vitality is the interior decoration

These videos include basic and intermediate Qi Gong and Tai Chi practices designed to increase your energy and amplify the body to achieve a perfect trifecta to reset your vitality!

Here's what you'll get with The Vitality Bundle:


  • Activate your whole body and all of your energy channels
  • Build your immune system and relieve stress
  • Harness your vital chi to heal your body, reduce anxious feelings and repel negativity


  • Harness the combined power of essential oils and time-tested exercises to get unstuck
  • Get out of overwhelm mode - with consistent, gentle practice
  • Experience a fun, new and nurturing form of discipline


  • A top-secret Tai Chi form the Immortals used for vitality
  • Six powerful vitality-enhancing exercises
  • Learn unique exercises from my trusted mentor, Qi Gong master and former Mr. California Saki to take your practice to the next level
  • Manage your weigh by increasing your metabolism, improving your digestion and revitalizing yourself down to the cellular level

Bonus: You’ll receive a 30-Day Guideline Calendar to keep track of your exercises daily. Chart to map out your daily (short and sweet) movement routine; simply check each day off as you go.

Give yourself a 30-day challenge to commit to 10-20 minutes (or less!) a day and see how much better you’ll feel and look!

Get Beyond Yoga, Essential Energy and Qi Gong for Vitality for only $87!

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