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The course is a series of 37 10-minute audio interviews delivered just like a podcast, only inside of a password protected platform. Each interview is accompanied by a one-page pdf which summarizes the highlights of the interview. Here's a brief walkthrough of the course so you know what you're going to be sharing with people.

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Your Vibrant Pregnancy Program Topics



Speaker Bio’s


Karen Atkins, LMT, Adv CBP, Adv CBI, Certified Wudang Qigong Instructor is a vitality lifestyle expert and singer-songwriter who specializes in helping people uncover their latent potential for optimum energy and fulfillment through transformational tools like BodyTalk, Qi Gong, Essential oils, Music, Nourishment, and other Therapeutic Practices. In her Vital Qi TV series, Karen provides practical tips and solutions to generate lasting vitality and fulfillment and create the lifestyle of your dreams. Karen has been featured on Ted Talks and Good Morning America and is also an award-winning musician.


Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D (“Dr. Shosh”) from the popular Radio Show is the author of “Pregnant on Prozac,” “Postpartum Depression For Dummies,” and co-author of “Beyond the Blues: Understanding and Treating Prenatal and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety.” National TV shows including “20/20,” “Discovery Channel,” “The Doctors” and “The Ricki Lake Show” feature Dr. Shosh as the pregnancy and postpartum mood expert and news stations such as CNN consult her. She’s been quoted in dozens of newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, WebMD, Boston Globe, Fit Pregnancy, Glamour, Parenting, Psychology Today, New York Post, Self, Cosmopolitan, and the Chicago Tribune. 

Erin Borbet, LAc, holds her Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine, is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Board Certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine, a DONA Trained Labor Doula and Certified Yoga Instructor. She has clinical experience working in renowned hospitals such as NYU Medical Center, the VA Hospital, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, and several hospitals and women’s health facilities in China, San Diego and NY.


Dr. Lauren Brim, Ph.D is an Author, Mother, Coach, Sexologist, Student Midwife, and Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. She has been practicing alternative medicine since 2004. 


Thea Dixon (RN) has worked in the field of birth and conception for 15 years. She trained as a pediatric nurse at the University of Clinic of Bonn and worked in an intensive care unit for premature babies. In 1990 she began to study natural child-birthing methods, nutrition and qualified as a breathwork therapist. Following her experience in hospitals and understanding how her own birth affected her life, she created this unique holistic approach, preparing couples for conscious conception and gentle childbirth. She also supports couples through the difficult stages of miscarriage, abortion and infertility.


Adelaine Fox is a childbirth doula, childbirth educator, pregnancy coach, birth consultant, and midwifery student. She birthed five children at home and supports parents’ choices in pregnancy and birth. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family of five.  She works with clients across the country to support their increased knowledge about birth and informed decision making.


Dr. Suzanne Hanser, EdD, MT-BC is Professor and Chair Emerita of the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music. Author of The New Music Therapist's Handbook, Dr. Hanser is Past President of both the World Federation of Music Therapy and the National Association for Music Therapy.  She established the music therapy program at the Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrative Therapies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and is also a Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University. In 2006 Dr. Hanser was named by the Boston Globe as one of eleven Bostonians Changing the World.  She is the recipient of a National Research Service Award from NIA, the Sage Publications Prize, and the American Music Therapy Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 


Mayu Kawata, MT-BC, HHP, CBP has been a Board-Certified Music Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner for 12 years as well as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Master of Science candidate in Aromatherapy. A former owner of a popular natural parenting store on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Mayu has been manufacturing and retailing natural herbal products for over a decade. She has extensive experience working with newborns and infants as well as children of all ages and children with special needs. She now owns an organic farm with her husband and provides natural lifestyle consultations and therapy sessions incorporating essential oils and natural remedies.


Elzabieta Kosmicki is an integrative health practitioner, BodyTalk Access instructor and Doula with a focus on childbirth education, women’s care and community health education. She also has advanced training in massage therapy and structural integration, Classical Chinese Medicine and is a mother of 2 girls. Her childbirth education and integrative practices support whole healing through the child bearing year with clients and their family. 


Hannah Springer is the chef and owner of The Oliver Weston Company: fundamental foods for health and healing. She is also a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and mother of 3 boys.  


Michelle Wuerthner is the Founder of Presently Parenting, providing support and guidance to women and families from pregnancy through postpartum as well as Parent Education, Parent-Child Classes & Coaching. 


Rachel Yellin is the Founder of Yes to Birth!, offering private therapy and group session for both pregnant, and non-pregnant adults in San Francisco and on-line. Rachel also teaches relaxation and meditation in addition to breathing and hypnosis techniques to students all over the world.